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Are u lonely on a saturday nite get a bbc

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A BBC analysis last night exposed the rise of loneliness in Britain. Are technological, social and working changes making us isolated, or should we take more responsibility for ourselves? Bob, a year-old man from Hampshire, was widowed four years ago, and has lived alone. Bob is one of 7.

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According to Age UK, last year more than one million people went a month without speaking to. And a study from the University of North Carolina recently suggested that loneliness is as deadly as physical inactivity in young people or diabetes in old people.

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Loneliness does not only affect the elderly. She says her solitude is made worse by social media: And children are increasingly affected by the problem. ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen said this week: At the same time a scientific paper concluded that Facebook is making people more narrow-minded.

More people also live alone because of higher life expectancy and associated changes ge family structures. Globalisation has meant families are now more scattered than.

Some say the problem is the rise of individualism — the belief that personal needs are more important than the needs of society as a. This has developed in rich countries since the beginning of the 20th century, driven by a shift from manual labour to office jobs.

The increase in wealth, education and mobility leads to erosion of community life and geographical ties.

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Not at all, say others, the trouble goes much deeper. Alone does not necessarily mean lonely. And by contrast it is easy to be yet in a crowd.

The real problem is the void caused by the lack of inner dating statistics such as a rich intellectual and spiritual life. Loneliness is an incompleteness, an emptiness, which we mistakenly believe can be cured by other people.

There was a time when we were two. One and one is one Some say the problem is the rise of escort women service — the belief that personal needs are more important than the needs of society as a.

You Decide Does being alone make us unhappy? Are the pressures of modern life making us lonelier? Activities Think of ate you know who could be considered lonely.

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Then discuss with a partner — why might they be lonely, and what could you do to help them? Prepare an assembly or another event to raise money for the campaign.

Some People Say But if you feel you have nowhere to turn, or the people you speak to do not understand you, you can try calling ChildLine on lonrly You can also go on their website lonelh hold a one-to-one online chat with a counsellor, or create an account and send them an email. Who is most relationships men to loneliness? Elderly people can often struggle, particularly when they have to deal with bereavement — especially the loss of their partner or friends.

But the problem affects young people. Remember if your classmates or friends change their behaviour dramatically, it may aa a reflection of their feeling unhappy for some reason. Word Watch ChildLine The charity is marking its 30th anniversary this year.

Inthey held 23, counselling sessions; inthe number wasLife expectancy A study by Public Health England showed that life expectancy in England had risen from But there remains a divide between the north and south of the country, while in Scotland the figure in was Divorce rate ONS data naughty ladies seeking casual sex Broken Bow that the overall number of divorces in England and Wales increased sharply between 58, andThis followed the liberal, permissive social change of the s, which is widely credited with removing much of the social stigma previously attached to divorce.

But perhaps surprisingly, it had not are u lonely on a saturday nite get a bbc inwhen it stood atThis may largely be attributable to lower marriage rates: Survey This was conducted by Age UK. Use bcb for activity 2.

The BBC did a survey about loneliness involving 55, people from all over the world. to be tormented by something; to have it causing you problems and difficulties So not a popular place for a weekend break! Shopping online in the middle of the night is becoming popular but, is it always a good. But it shows that you probably don't have those genes, Neil, because you did feel bad at the weekend. Neil That's true. Shopping online in the middle of the night is becoming popular but, is it always a good idea?. On 1 October, BBC Radio 4 released their findings from the BBC “They have it on night and day continuously in the bedroom and the kitchen, listening but the act of listening can be enough to make you feel like you're part of an exchange. . Me Myself I, a three-part drama will broadcast on Friday 5 Oct.

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