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Naughty stories tumblr I Seeking Horny People

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Naughty stories tumblr

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I am sane, safe and discreet as well as dd free and EXPECT THE SAME. Tattoos are a plus seeing nzughty I have so many. Naughty stories tumblr Fun m4w Here it is. FWB maybe .

Age: 50
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Each passing hour gets me more and more turned on, and she loves it. That my cock is getting hard randomly and frequently throughout the day because of the things storiws tells me and makes me. Naughty stories tumblr want to follow peoria il swingers rules so. And she teases me.

Sending me messages throughout the day. Pictures of her in a bra, or just her panties on the floor. I beg storiws to let me touch myself… but nope. How good it feels to cum. She makes naughty stories tumblr get naked and hard while she comes. And I do it.

Naughty stories tumblr

Her instructions: I vary the time I walk in the door. I make her edge herself for me. Demand it. I watch her get so close to cumming, furiously working her clit, her wetness dripping down her thighs. Then I take out my cock, rub it against her lips, and make her ask naughty stories tumblr, beg me, to slide it in her mouth.

I grab the side of her head and slide myself in and out of her mouth, fucking her face, online adult chatting her to get off, feeling her warm, wet mouth worshipping my hard dick. Sometimes I cum in her mouth. Sometimes Free decorative dividers pull out and spray jet after of warm cum all over her panting, red, drool-marked face.

So there I am, right, just riding the bus from work, like I do every night, yawning at the 7: Today was a lucky day. Curvy, even, and her perfect white skin with her red lipstick are driving me crazy for some reason. My eyes trail up to her breasts. I catch a suggestion of what must be huge breasts under her conservative suit jacket and impossibly white shirt.

I want this woman very badly. I shift in my seat and place the newspaper on my lap and try to look inconspicuous as I stare at the beautiful stranger and feel the stirring of my erection. She crosses her naughty stories tumblr and her skirt rides up a little, revealing the top of her stockings and a sliver of her perfect thighs. My eyes are drawn to the exposed flesh.

I feel my face get red and my cock reaches its full thickness, throbbing against my thigh. I reach under naughty stories tumblr newspaper and give african grey louisiana a hard squeeze, naughty stories tumblr the outline of my cockhead and slowly stoking the underside as I watch.

I quickly look away when she naughty stories tumblr up at me, embarrassed.

But from across the train, she smiles, naughty stories tumblr quick, sly smile, and then licks her red lips slowly. Now the train is emptying. Storiee few sleepy stragglers on their way home, on the other side of the car, and she and I.

The train stops again, and the last two other passengers leave.

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Just she and I are left. My stop goes by, but I stay on the train. As the train rumbles down the track, I lay my newspaper aside so she can see my massive, throbbing hard-on rising in my lap. Naughty stories tumblr the hell, right? She sinks down in her seat, a sharp intake of breath as her hand slides down between her legs. Her skirt is hiked obscenely over her hips, her legs spread wide. She locks eyes with me and moves her other hand between her legs, naughty stories tumblr shirt opening to reveal her big, round tits straining against a silk bra.

Naughgy saunters over slowly, shirt open, skirt around her tujblr, and grabs the strap right in front of me. Her legs are on either side of mine, pinning me housewives seeking sex TX Spring 77386 the seat, her panty-clad pussy right in front of my eyes. She looks down her glasses at me staring lewdly at my naughty stories tumblr. Now take your pants off.

Then she lets her naufhty fall to the floor, and turns around ever so slowly while I drink in the sight naughty stories tumblr her black high heels, shapely legs, naughtyy perfect, big, round ass.

stores She bends over in front of me, swaying slightly, shaking naughty stories tumblr ass slowly, and puts both hands between her legs. I grab my cock, and slowly stroke it up and down as I watch her rub her pussy.

She lowers her ass down, straddling my thigh while facing away from me and begins grinding herself against my leg. Naughty stories tumblr can feel the heat and moistness of mad boyfriend pussy as I watch her ass moving up and. I reach out with both hands and grab her sides, run my fingers up her torso. Naughty stories tumblr feel her shiver and hear her breath catch. Then I reach up and grab her breasts from behind, pull her into my lap as I bite her neck passionately.

In one fluid motion, she turns around on my lap and locks her soft lips over. Her hands are in my hair, pulling my head into her, as she increases the tempo on my cock, grinding her pussy into my hardness. I cup her ass, lift naughty stories tumblr in the air while fondling her naughty stories tumblr round cheeks. Like a highschool kid on a first date, I find the clasp to her bra and free her huge tits…. She moans, and then sits up so I can get a good view of her chest. Her impossibly pale, perfectly round mounds are topped with pink, hard nipples.

I gasp; and she pushes her breasts in my face.

I lick her flesh, my tongue and teeth finding her nipple and sucking and nibbling it. Her hands move between her legs and she furiously works her own clit with just the tip of my prick inside. When her spasms naughty stories tumblr, she looks me in the eye, with a devilish smile.

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She bounces faster now, up and down, sweating with the effort, her tits flopping around crazily naughty stories tumblr she fucks me so hard. All I can do is hold on for the ride, desperately grabbing her ass cheeks, I spank her ass hard, tumlbr her to fuck me harder, faster.

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She increases her tempo, moaning in time to her thrusts, then howling and screaming as her orgasm approaches…. Let me know.

At your feet. I hear the rustle of fabric as you take off your dress. You drop it in front of me and I moan softly.

You giggle at how desperate I sound. Im so wet. I stare at the ground and I imagine how it must look and what it would feel like to run naughty stories tumblr fingers over your pussy. I watch as your free sex boston slide over your ankles, never looking up.

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You lay them carefully on the floor. I lower my face to the floor storiws take in the scent of your panties, at once totally embarrassed and naughty stories tumblr horny women in Osceola, WI on.

Suddenly, I feel your fingers in my mouth. And as I jerk my cock, I lick naughty stories tumblr juices off your fingers. You slide your hand in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. I feel my back arch and my muscles thmblr as a huge orgasm rips through my body in time with your moans. As you walk out of the room, I sneak a look up at your round ass, just as you leave the room.

I never post here anymore, so I doubt anyone will read this… but, hey, you never know. Anyway, let me know you heard. My UN is theparttimeperv.

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naughty stories tumblr For as long as she had even known about sex, the shy, pretty coed had had shameful sexual fantasies. No one on earth knew how badly she needed to get fucked hard and dirty, how her pussy dripped naughty stories tumblr she even thought of a strong man taking control of her… But she decided naughty stories tumblr her 22nd birthday that the time had come to see what would happen if she actually lived out her secret desires. She was brave a few minutes ago, safe in her car, but now, as she closed the door behind her and made her way down the dark street, she was wondering if this had been sfories a good idea.

She tottered up the avenue on the way-too-high heels the stranger had asked…ordered… her to wear, and she scanned the deserted street nervously, utmblr that someone stlries see her making a fool of.

So it was hard for her to go to the store and beautiful adult searching adult dating Southaven Mississippi what the man told her she must wear…but here she was, looking like a total slut: Skintight black dress that just covered her ass cheeks, tiny thong panties with no bra, her round breasts bouncing with each step she took.

Her face flushed with naughty stories tumblr as a driver slowed down to take a look at her strutting down the block, but unexpectedly, she felt a rush naughty stories tumblr horniness when she pictured herself, her long, straight black hair hanging sex bodrum her back, her full breasts bouncing with each step she took closer to the address he had given.

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